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You want to be safe and sure that you are in good hands. 

We can conduct a background check on your landlord.

Landlord and Tenant Relationships, are a mutual responsibility.  Good tenants need good landlords, and good landlords seek good tenants.  It's a WIN - WIN situation.  We will match the two of you with each other so as to create the kind of harmony and relationship which is beneficial to both.  It is important to understand how to manage your tenants successfully while they are occupying your property.  To be fair, on the flip-side, there is a lot to be said about the necessity and the prosperity a landlord derives from a reliable and responsible renter.  But what about the responsibility and the reliability of the landlord?


We can help you find good landlords who can ensure the success of a renter and property manager relationship.  Building a good tenant/landlord relationship with trust and confidence shared equally by both parties is the KEY to happiness. 


Keeping a healthy bond with your tenants is one of the strategies to maintain a policy of giving and reciprocation.  In this way, your tenants are happy and SO ARE YOU!  This being the case you will retain an ongoing and returning customer for life, and word of mouth (by content customers) is still the most effective way to advertise. FIND OUT HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS with Fridman Properties.  We will match-make and facilitate your selection of an awesome landlord and how you can attain PEACE OF MIND and win a quality landlord.

No matter what your income, no one needs a SLUM-LORD.  You can experience Fridman Properties way of locating, matching and managing good landlords starting from $100.00 ... we guarantee that you will never regret your relationship with your landlord.  It only requires spending some of your time and wisely investing in our service.

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