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Who needs a terrible tenant? It's like something out of a Monster Movie, "THE THING THAT WOULDN'T LEAVE! (insert scream here!)  Seriously, no landlord needs a bad tenant and vice-versa, no tenant needs a bad landlord!  That's why at Fridman Properties, we make sure that neither of those scenarios occur.  We have a fair rating system.  The tenants give us great reviews, and if the tenants are great, we return the favor by granting them an honest review, a reference they can take with them and use when they rent again from another landlord at another residence.  WE ALL DO OUR PART to make sure we receive fair and sincere ratings.  Unfortunately, there are some tricky renters who like magicians are good at hiding the facts that would eliminate them from consideration as a prospective renter.  The screening process can vary widely among different property owners and managers.  Each has their own style of screening techniques, qualifications, and methods.  Every landlord wants to protect their asset that is why it is essential that one must know and master the skills in seeking and attaining a suitable tenant.

We, at Fridman Properties will lend a helpful hand to every property owner and manager that are in need of experienced guidance and supervision during the crucial tenant screening process.  From our numerous years of trial and error and well seasoned experience, we will wisely guide you and give you masterful tips on how to seek, screen, select, and then MANAGE your tenants.  You deserve to enjoy success in the real estate industry.  We would be delighted to see each and every landlord in every place, moving forward to their goal for livelihood and prosperity through our own simple, time tested and proven techniques to assist you.


FEEL THE FREEDOM!  Our fees to find and screen tenant for one year lease is one month rent. 

You can experience Fridman Properties way of managing valued tenants starting from 8 - 15 % depends on how many properties or a minimum of $350.00 / unit.  we guarantee that you will never regret your relationship with us.  It only requires spending some of your time and wisely investing in one of our services.



One of the challenges that all property owners will face, is seeking and selecting suitable and reliable tenants that will safeguard their precious properties.  A good tenant is someone who will always pay the rent in full and on time each month, maintains your property in good condition, and will follow the rules and policies without compromise.  If you want to know how to find “good tenants” ... you’re in the right place!  Understand what attracts tenants so you can prepare your property and advertising efforts.  You do not need to spend a lot of time and money; Fridman Properties will provide you the knowledge that you need so you can exert your own diligence when choosing prospective tenants.  In this way, you will be trained to personally develop skills and abilities to SEEK, SCREEN, and SELECT dependable tenants.


Getting your property rented with a qualified tenant is probably the aspect that most landlords will tell you is the greatest challenge.  Some property owners would be enticed to skip the screening process to avoid their space being vacant for a long time.  But the moment you are tempted to rent your property quickly, the higher the chances that you are sacrificing tenant quality which may result in costly and time-consuming legal problems.  Tenant horror stories are everywhere, yet these kinds of situations can be avoided through proper screening of your prospective tenant.  Fridman Properties will help you screen potential tenants in an easy way while also assisting you to avoid problematic and pricey difficulties.  Having in mind the right procedure of how you should screen tenants properly will help you weed out the good from the bad.  One cannot rely only on instincts, because more often, you cannot predict how tenants will behave once they are already renting your property.  We will show you how to determine the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY.  So before you take the plunge and make a commitment with a renter - talk to us FIRST and talk to us NOW!


It is important to understand how to manage your tenants successfully while they are occupying your property.  Good tenants are the life blood of a lucrative real estate investment, and to be fair, on the flip-side, there should always be good landlords who can ensure the success of a renter and property manager relationship.  Building a good tenant/landlord relationship with trust and confidence shared equally with your renters is the KEY.  Keeping a healthy bond with your tenants is one of the strategies to maintain a policy of giving and reciprocation.  In this way, your tenants are happy and SO ARE YOU!  This being the case you will retain an ongoing and returning customer for life.  FIND OUT HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS HARMONIOUS BALANCE with Fridman Properties.   We will facilitate how you can attain PEACE OF MIND and win great and trustworthy tenants each and EVERY TIME!

Our fees: 8 - 15 % depends on how many properties or a minimum of $350.00 / unit  . Our fees to find and screen tenant for one year lease is one month rent.

Finding reliable, good, quality tenants doesn't have to be so tough.  IT IS POSSIBLE! There are millions of tenants out there looking for their next rental property and we are confident that you will find the right tenant by learning from us all the things you need to know. By being informed of all of these important strategies and techniques, you can avoid the nightmare of renting your property to someone who notoriously neglects paying rent, has a violent criminal history, or someone who has multiple previous evictions.  You don't want to waste your time or energy on tenants who are not a good fit.  Undeniably, choosing the right tenant is stressful but with the informative guidance of Fridman Properties, we won’t let that happen to you.


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