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 By making a reservation with us, you agree to the following: 



  • All booked guests must upload a copy of their passport or any government -issued ID and sign the Fridman Properties' Rental Agreement, House Rules & Cancellation Policy to get access to your door code/s and other private information/s related to your stay with us before checking-in

  • If any of the host, Fridman Properties' staffs, or other guests does not feel comfortable with the guest's behavior, the host have the right to cancel the reservation and provide a refund for the remaining days on the reservation less cleaning and booking channel fees and taxes. 

  • If you have any health issue, fever, or any COVID-19 symptoms and is/are currently booked in a private room, shared room, or bunk bed inside of an apartment, IMMEDIATELY notify the host/owner of the apartment to avail any of the 2 options:

Option#1: Get a pro-rated refund from the day that you notified the host/owner of your condition until the scheduled check-out date provided that the guest must leave the apartment premises the same day.

Option#2: Move to a private apartment, subject to availability, and the guest must pay for any price difference from their original reservation. 

  • Fridman Properties offers a variety of accommodation options starting with a whole building with 4 apartments for families and big groups, private apartments, private rooms, shared rooms and shared bunk beds rooms. It is your responsibility to check what type of accommodation will best serve your purpose of stay. All reservations are refundable in accordance with our cancelation policy of which fine print is provided on the booking platform where the reservation is booked.

  • For all our guests' safety and security, we, at Fridman Properties, take your safety above all. All properties have 24/7 monitoring CCTVs in all public areas. Take note that CCTVs are only places in public areas, hence, none are placed inside the apartments. 

  • For every guest's privacy, you are not allowed to pictures/videos of other guests without their explicit permission.  

  • In cases that our staff/s need to access the apartment for any immediate repair/s, a 24-hour notice will be provided to the guests and offer the same or better accommodation or prorated refund if the guest/s must relocate or move out.

  • Quite Hours are 9:00 pm to 9:00 am daily. This means that guests are strictly prohibited to talk on the phone on the possibility of disturbing other guests. Turn your phone into silent mode and reduce brightness to minimum. In case that the host/owner received complaint/s from other guests, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation with no refund and ask you to leave the premises immediately.

  • If you rented bunk bed or private room, the guest is not allowed sped the night in the sofas/couches in shared areas with other guests. Let's respect the needs of other guests in using the bathroom by limiting usage to15-20 minutes only.

  • If you need to use the laundry machine and laundry detergents to cover utility expenses, we provide for a minimal fee of $5 to use the in-house washer and dryer.

  • The apartment buildings are owner-occupied and we are very strict with parties, loud music, smoking of any kind and guests that are not on the reservation.

  • Kindly respect other guests and neighbors by following our house rules. For any violation of the house rules, a fine of $1,000 will be imposed and immediate cancellation of reservation without refund.

  • Breakfast items are provided only on the day of check-in, not every day.

  • If you are sharing an apartment or private room with other guests, please observe the CLAY-GO or CLean As You GO policy at all times. Please clean after yourself in your room, and shared areas such as kitchen, bathroom and living room. Otherwise, an additional $100 will be charged to your reservation for cleaning expenses.

  • Guests should clean up any mess they make, or there will be an additional cleaning charge of $ 200 for the unusual mess left behind.

  • If a guest is under 25 years old or does not have prior good reviews from other hosts, we require the submission of 3 references. It can be a member of your family, neighbor/s or co-worker/s.

  • Fridman Properties' hosts/owners personally meet the guests to explain to them the house rules.

  • Guests from Chicago must provide reasons for staying with us and subject to additional screening if they don't have good or any reviews.  

  • No unregistered visitors or guests are authorized to visit or stay in the room or apartment premises if they are not on the reservation list.

  • All guests or visitors that are not on the reservation will be subject to a fee $25 per night before the check-in date and $55 on check-in date, even if the guests are not staying overnight.

  • For companies, organizations and family events please contact us for special pricing.

  • If you did a "same-day-booking" and does not have any reviews, a host/owner/staff must meet you at the property. In addition, we will need at least a 6-hours prior notice before your arrival to the apartment in order to prepare the unit.

  • If you come with a pet in one of our pet-friendly apartments, there is an extra $95 pet-cleaning fee.

  • Fridman Properties LLC and its staff are not responsible for cars parked in our parking lot and for any items left in the car unattended.

  • If you book a shared room with other guests, it is your responsibility to keep your valuables safe, Fridman Properties and its staffs will not be held liable for any lost damaged or stolen items.

  • The purchase of early check-in, late check-out, mid-stay cleaning options, activities, and discounts are based on the availability and must be confirmed once purchased in your wishbox guest area.

  • If your credit card or other payment method were declined, you have 24 hours to submit a new payment or your reservation will be cancelled.

  • In any case that Fridman Properties cannot provide a private room or apartment for any reason, our company will provide the same or better apartment/room to compensate for your inconvenience.

  • In case of an apartment, room or bunk bed is not available for your chosen dates our company will provide the same or better option for your booking and you will be notified.

  • Kindly understand that cooking classes or any other activities that I participate while staying in the apartment or room may be hazardous in nature and/or may include physical and/or strenuous activity and that serious accidents may occasionally occur during the said activity; and that participants in the said activity can occasionally sustain personal injuries as a consequence thereof.

  • Knowing the risks involved, nevertheless, I have voluntarily applied to participate in said activity, and I hereby agree to assume any and all risks of injury or death and to release and hold harmless Fridman Properties, LLC, its officers, directors, members and managers, and all other members whether contracted or employed, who might otherwise be liable to me. I further understand and agree that this waiver, release, and assumption of risks are to be binding on my heirs and assigns. 

  • By making reservations you are agreeing to the observance of all the house rules and waiver listed above.  If any of the house rules are not followed by guests, we, as the host are authorized to cancel reservations, and guests will be asked to leave without a refund of their reservation and will pay additional penalty fees.  We personally take care of each guest like our Family.


  • ​Always check our cancellation policy on the booking channel where you made a booking reservation with us.

  • In case you need to cancel your booking, you may contact us on the booking channel to request of cancellation and refund.

  • If you booked directly from our website, the cancellation is free of charge 60 days before check-in date, if 30 days before the check-in date 50%, after that any payment made is no longer refundable.

  • ​In the cases of cancellation due to contagious viruses, family emergencies, or sickness, a medical certificate must be provided from a doctor or physician to provided the following options for you:

Option #1: A one-time, free-of-charge rebooking, subject to availability. Any price increase difference due to season of rebooked date is payable by the guest. In case you will need to re-book again, there will be an additional 20% charge on top of your booking fee.

Option #2: Get a 50 % refund if cancellation is made 15 days from check-in date.

We're looking forward to hosting you, my friend,

Fridman Properties Family


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