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Would like our expert assistance? Whether you are just beginning in the real estate industry, or you just simply need someone to take care of your petty, time consuming work errands, Fridman Properties Virtual Assistant CAN help!

Our goal to assist landlords and give their life greater freedom is what Fridman Properties is all about.  Our Virtual Assistant Services are the fast and easy way to get your tasks organized and prioritized.  We are always ready to assist you with everything need, from managing your schedule, updating your listings, learning how to properly price your properties and many other services that ultimately save you time and money.  We can customized our services to fulfill your needs  starting at only $100.00 a month!

You only have 24 hours in a day, are you spending it on productive tasks? Or is your time eaten up by unfruitful errands? We at Fridman Properties can help you to become more productive with your time and money by helping you deal with these kind of unfruitful and unprofitable tasks.  Almost all landlords experience the dilemma of WASTING TIME and money. To keep your real estate business flourishing and thriving, all you need to do is to meet and discuss your need with your very own Virtual Assistant. Why pay someone a monthly salary if you only need them temporarily? With our Virtual Assistant Service, you can have the option to use it for only a couple of hours per week or several hours a day depending on your needs.  We can adjust our fees depending upon your desires.


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